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Our Appreciation is extended to you - the worldwide academic community of convective heat and mass transfer students and researchers and professors. We wish you the best as you work with the code. TEXSTAN and its predecessor, STAN5, have been in continuous development and use since 1975, and it is our intention to continue to support it.

Professor Kays, Professor Weigand, and I also extend our appreciation to McGraw-Hill Higher Education, including their editors and their support staff, and to the family of McGraw-Hill Companies for their continuous support and encouragement over the past 35 years and four editions of our textbook, Convective Heat and Mass Transfer.

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CSS and Website Building - The following external links have been a great help in the construction of this css-based web site design. CSSplay is Stu Nicholl's css-teaching site that continually provides a great learning experience - a real example of giving back to the community. The text stylin' with CSS is Charles Wyke-Smith's contribution to getting a css-based web site started. PIE - Position Is Everything is John Gallant and Holly Bergevin's site that supports and encourages people in their pursuit of css-based problems and providing a forum for dissemination of how to fix them. And finally, ALA - A List Apart is a web site that continues to do much in supporting advancements in the design, development, and meaning of web content - with major contributions by Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman.

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